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Welcome to International Chinese Corner (ICC). The ICC mission is to close the gap in understanding between the two countries, America and China.

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Published August 25, 2012 | By paulvhhill

Greetings everyone,

My guess is that tomorrow the afternoon will be fine, but I feel it is better to error on the side of caution: therefore, the ICC meeting is canceled. I was notified that the county libraries will be closed. I suspect the WPB library will be closed as well.

Next month US Marine Core retired Douglas Robin Barker will be presenting a fascinating story on the Flying Tigers.

The 1st American Volunteer Group (AVG) of the Chinese Air Force in 1941–1942, famously nicknamed the Flying Tigers, was composed of pilots from the United States Army (USAAF), Navy (USN), and Marine Corps (USMC), recruited under presidential authority and commanded by Claire Lee Chennault

I look forward to this great event. We have postponed the SpeakMandarin live tutorial until September as well.

Keep safe. I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting in September.

American Culture

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Family Tradition We teach our children about American Culture. We teach them to be good Americans  by sharing our traditions of Citizenship, American Holiday Celebration, Craftsmanship, Entrepreneurship, Competition, Leadership, Know-How, and Positive Attitude. Continue reading 

What Should I Understand about American Culture?

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The better you understand the basic aspects of American culture, the better you will be able to interact constructively with Americans and achieve your objectives while you are living among them. Remember, you do not have to agree with the Americans’ ideas or behavior in order to understand them. Continue reading 


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Religion Date Founded Sacred Texts Membership 4 % of World 5
Christianity 30 CE The Bible 2,039 million 32% (dropping)
Islam 622 CE Qur’an & Hadith 1,570 million 22% (growing)
Hinduism 1500 BCE with truly ancient roots Bhagavad-Gita, Upanishads, & Rig Veda 950 million 13% (stable)
No religion
(Note 1)


None 775 million 12% (dropping)
Chinese folk religion 270 BCE None 390 million 6%
Buddhism 523 BCE The Tripitaka (consisting of the Vinaya, the Sutras, and the Abhidharma) 350 – 1,600 million (2) 6% (stable?)
Tribal Religions, Shamanism, Animism Prehistory Oral tradition 232 million 4%
Atheists No date None 150 million 2%
New religions. Various Various 103 million 2%
Sikhism 1500 CE Guru Granth Sahib 23.8 million <1%
Judaism Note 3 Torah, Tanach, & Talmud 14.5 million <1%
Spiritism 12.6 million <1%
Baha’i Faith 1863 CE Alkitab Alaqdas 7.4 million <1%
Confucianism 520 BCE Lun Yu 6.3 million <1%
Jainism 570 BCE Siddhanta, Pakrit 4.3 million <1%
Zoroastrianism 600 to 6000 BCE Avesta 2.7 million <1%
Shinto 500 CE Kojiki, Nohon Shoki 2.7 million <1%
Taoism  Note 4 550 BCE Tao-te-Ching 2.7 million <1%
Other Various Various 1.1 million <1%
Wicca Note 5 800 BCE, 1940 CE None 0.5 million? <1%


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We were originally brought to together with the site as a place for people in multicultural relationships to get together and share ideas. Our mission has grown to include language and the total understanding of cultures between the two countries, the United States of America (America) and the Peoples Republic of China (China). Our new name is the International Chinese Corner. As of August 2012, we have 124 members. About one half of the ICC members are local to our meeting place in West Palm Beach, Florida USA. One of the new features of this new website is the ability to broadcast our meeting to all members whether near or far. Continue reading →