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Published Sunday, December 15, 19 | By PaulvHill

contributed by Ronna Fleischman

In just the past two decades, America has embraced the emergence of the new media art world, which uses the computer as subject matter, production tool and artistic medium all at once.  By the year 2000, a surprising number of American museums, including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Walker Art Center and the Whitney Museum of American Art, were regularly presenting digital and online works.  An abundance of artists and iconic works are being exhibited before large audiences in galleries and online, and their impact has been widely discussed by well-known theorists and critics.

Hydro74 Skateboard Graphics

Joshua M. Smith (aka “Hydro74”), an Orlando based designer, was rated one of the top digital artist in America in 2009. As a college student, Joshua began taking visual communications courses which focused on the digital side of design. He has gone on to work with major sports and companies and record labels. In an interview, he explains his passion “to push the boundaries in doing what I feel is relevant to the market as well as extract various elements and trends to be able to offer them up in my own personal work.”

Hydro74 Skateboard Graphics

In the summer of 2011, the Museum of Modern Art in New York was among the first to showcase Microsoft’s newly developed digital art software.  It used Microsoft Digital Art, a realistic painting program that simulates the experience of traditional painting and drawing, to enhance viewers’ experience in an interactive exhibit. Viewers could play with the technology and learn how it can be used in an authentic creative experience.

Whether digital art is a revolution or simply the evolution of fine art in the modern world, harnessing modern technologies to achieve a higher level of visual aesthetic and emotion will certainly continue to be explored in American culture.



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