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Published Tuesday, January 28, 20 | By PaulvHill

contributed by Ronna Fleischman For more than 200 years, the flag has been the symbol of our America’s strength and unity. It has been a source of pride and inspiration for millions of citizens and a prominent icon in American history. The first U.S. flag had thirteen stripes, alternating red and white, and thirteen stars, white in a blue field.   The stars and stripes represent the original 13 colonies.  The colors of the flag were symbolic as well. Red symbolized hardiness and valor, white symbolized purity and innocence, and blue represented vigilance, perseverance and justice.  On April 4, 1818, Congress established the number of stripes at seven red and six white, and provided the addition of one star for each new state. The current official U.S. flag is a 50 star flag. It has been in use since July 4, 1960, when Hawaii officially joined the union. Read More 

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