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Published Thursday, June 27, 19 | By PaulvHill

contributed by Ronna Fleischman America, like nearly all other nations, issues both domestic and foreign policies on matters concerning its citizens and its relationships with other countries.  A country’s form of government largely determines how its policies are formed and implemented. H­owever, specific goals and objectives vary depending on a nation’s needs and capabilities. In democratic societies, theoretically, the will of the people has a great influence on the formation of policy. ­ The formal design of domestic policy is chiefly the responsibility of elected leaders, lawmaking bodies, and specialized government agencies. A number of other factors also play a role in the process. Voters determine which individuals and political parties have the power to determine policy. The mass media distribute information about issues and influence the beliefs and opinions of the people. Lobbyists, activist groups, and other organizations also work to influence policy through a variety of methods, including monetary donations, promises of support, advertising campaigns, demonstrations and even protests. Read More 

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