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Published Sunday, January 26, 20 | By PaulvHill

contributed by Ronna Fleischman In China, the word for alcohol, “jiu” is used to mean all types of alcoholic beverages, from “pijiu” (beer) to “putao jiu” (wine) and all liquors, simply called “jiu”.  In modern China, alcoholic beverages are classified by the general population by how much intoxication it delivers for the money.  Table wine is at the bottom of the consumer preference list, whereas brandy is closer to the top. Chinese cultural norms encourage social drinking and discourage solitary drinking. Despite the custom of toasting and the playing of drinking games, the Chinese tend to remind themselves not to drink too much when with friends. Most social drinking takes place with a meal. It is still generally frowned upon for a woman to be seen drinking in public, particularly in Chinese-style bars. And drinking and driving, although outlawed in China, is unfortunately common. Read More 

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