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Published Sunday, December 15, 19 | By PaulvHill

contributed by Ronna Fleischman From the chopping off of men’s long braids at the end of the Qing Dynasty to women making waves with chemical perms in the 1980s, hairstyles have been making a statement in China for centuries. Women’s fashions during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) mirrored the economic prosperity of the times with extravagant magnificence.  Hair was worn in plump chignons, often augmented with wigs and hairpieces and further ornamented with jewelry, flowers and wooden combs Later, both men and women began wearing their hair in coiled buns and using a hairpin to keep it in place. The hairpin was a symbol of personal dignity and social acceptance. Criminals were not allowed to wear them.  Women’s hair ornaments were more exquisite than men’s. A variety styles have been recorded in ancient documents. Read More 

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