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Published Wednesday, November 13, 19 | By PaulvHill

contributed by Ronna Fleischman After a long history of fighting food shortages, China is now self-sufficient in terms of food production. However, the Action Plan on Food Safety, published by China’s Ministry of Health in 2003, described serious risks related to food-induced illnesses, biological and chemical pollutants in food, and food safety supervision by the government. A number of scandals arose, illustrating the severity of the situation, both for native consumers and others around the world trading with China. As a consequence, ensuring food safety became a government priority. In 1965 China introduced its first food safety law—Regulations on the Administration of Food Hygiene. These regulations mainly affected state-owned food producers. The main concern at this time was the security of the food supply rather than the safety of the food itself, and came shortly after the terrible Three-Year Famine. These first regulations failed due to the collapse of the legal system in China in the decade following. Read More 

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