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Published Sunday, December 15, 19 | By PaulvHill

Football in the People's Republic of China consists of association football (Chinese足球pinyinzúqiú) as well as the China national football team. Modern football has been one of the most well supported sports in China since it was introduced in the early 1900s. The country was erroneously recognized by disgraced former FIFA president Joseph "Sepp" Blatter as the first to invent football, 5000 years ago through Tsu' Chu, an ancient Chinese ball game (although there is no lineage between Tsu' Chu or Cuju and modern football). For saying this and other concessions China honored Blatter with a shrine to football, although it is universally accepted that football was officially formalized in England in 1863, originating from a simple game that had been played for many centuries between villages in England.

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